Friday, December 19, 2008

Suspicious Activity in Perfumes & Colognes

Apparently I can't resist telling a story to embarrass a friend. Not if it's funny!

My roommate Mike got off work early and decided to go visit his guy, Mark, who works at an upscale department store. Mike changed from his spiffy suit into sexy button-fly jeans. [I added the spiffy and sexy part. You who know Mike, know he does not talk that way.]

Mark was occupied with a customer so Mike strolled about. Luckily for him because he noticed his second from the top button on his sexy jeans was undone. Oh my! Potential embarrassment avoided, right? Right!

Not wanting to draw attention to himself, Mike simply pulled down his shirt, buttoned up his suit coat and oh so discreetly did up the button one-handed while continuing to browse.

To hear Mike tell it, what must have given him away was that after he was finished he looked about him to see if he had in fact drawn attention to the fact that he was fiddling around in his crotchal region. [Mike did say crotchal.]

Noticing that Mark was finishing up the sale he headed toward the shoes, but ah no, it was not meant to be. The intimidating men in intimidating suits who pass for security in the upscale department store intercepted dear Mike. Seems they had noticed Mike and his suspicious activity and wanted to know just what he had been doing fiddling about in his crotchal region. They had it on video and everything. They thought he was shoplifting goodies and stuffing them down in with his goodies.

Poor Mike. All he wanted to do was see his honey after a hard day at work.

Perhaps I should have changed the names to protect the innocent, or at least to not disgust you with the fact that Mike is dating Mark. "Mike + Mark = 2 Cute!" It's true! Miss Montez made a magnet and put it on the fridge.


Joielle said...

roflol!! I am sorry for Mike, but Ms Montez is right.....too cute, but hey that's okay. We don't choose the ones who hit us over the head with a sledge hammer. Well, we do, to a certain extenet, but you know what I mean...sometimes love just hits us before we even know what hit us.

Joielle said...

hmm, just realized that my comment made absolutely no sense at all. Never mind.....*grin* ;0

Scarecrow said...

Joielle, I think your comment made perfect sense. You can say to yourself, I will not date someone who's name is too damn cute when paired with mine. But then sometimes you meet someone and it's only after you fall in love you learn they go by their middle name.

I have a friend whose last name is Green. She said she was always limited in who she could date. For example: no one with a "colored" last name, no food last names such as Bean, etc. Others would be odd. House, Bear, Mann... you get the idea. What's cute is she married a guy whose last name is Prado. Translate that. It means Meadow. Put the two together.... Grean Meadow. Is that perfect or what? In the words of Miss Montez 2Cute!