Friday, February 27, 2009

Work & Twisters

It's an interesting day at work. Work takes my mind off things so I can't wallow in my depression, so I like being here. the problem is the tornado sirens are going off. At first people said they were just testing them since we're going to get severe weather. Since Miss Montez had just brought me my computer I pulled up the national weather service and said, "There's a tornado about 15 miles away."

Usually sirens going off means the lunch crowd will be almost nonexistent. Plus there are apparently plenty of people here who although they've spent their entire lives in this tornado prone area, they freak out. I'm all for cancelling lunch service if only so I can get ahead on everything else and leave early. I don't get to leave if the lunch service is canceled even though I'm saucier at lunch. I just get to go back to my kitchen and do the rest of my work.

Ah, the sirens stopped! But the rain has started.

Oh wait, sirens again. Yeah, I'm all for no lunch service today if only to save all the plates the jumpy servers will be dropping.

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