Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Bit of Surreal

My warden finally let me out of the apartment. Miss Montez took me with her doing some running around and we wound up down at the Grill earlier this morning. They told me to make my pneumonia riddled self useful and go over to the big side and help the staff set up over there. Yay! Something to do.

Satellite radio was playing the seventies station and I was singing along, not really thinking about what songs were playing. One should always pay attention to the songs one is singing as well as one's surroundings. Especially the people surrounding oneself.

I looked up from wiping some tables and see everyone is staring at me. Everyone. They are all giving me mischievous looks. What have I done? I have no clue.

Then I hear the song that's playing. "Short People" Oh yah, I was singing "Short People" and by the looks of it, I'm at least a foot taller than every single person on staff that day, with the exception of one and she was hiding in the kitchen, probably laughing her ass off at me. She was at least smart enough not to sing along!

I was backed into a corner and tickled until I wheezed which wasns't very long given my current lung capacity. I hope everyone there doesn't get sick now because of me, but then again, that's where I picked up the flu which led to the pneumonia, so they only brought it on themselves. Of course, I didn't have to go down there. But they could have locked me out on the patio. Yeah, I can play the "It's not my fault" game as well as anyone else.

Yeah, it was strange. Just that moment of looking up and seeing all these people spread throughout the room, just staring at me. Not saying a word just staring.

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