Monday, November 17, 2008

What Am I Doing Today?

What to do today? There are so many possibilities.

Miss Montez would have me go to the doctor, just to be sure I don't have pneumonia. Everyone is convinced I have pneumonia. I say it's just that pleurisy and let's not worry about the cause. To go to the doctor costs money and I already owe the GP money, so to get an appointment with him I'll have to pay the money I owe. And to find out if it's pneumonia will require a chest x-ray and bloodtests. X-rays are expensive.

I think this is why 60,000 people die of pneumonia every year. They aren't go to pay several hundred dollars on the off chance it might be pneumonia and wait to see if it gets worse or better.

I'll probably go walking around. It's a cold day, but clear and I have a new jacket. Walking around will make me feel better. I've been too lazy lately.

I could go crunching through the leaves or sliding down the hill. The other day I watched some kids trying to come down a long driveway that was covered with leaves on top of wet pinestraw. They weren't successful. Well, they were successful in having fun, but not in making it down without falling and sliding a lot. Somewhere there is bound to be a pile of leaves at a bottom of a hill waiting to be slid into.

There is always the possibility that I could be productive, finally do all the laundry, go look in the storage room, try to locate all my sweatshirts and sweaters so I won't spend the winter wearing short sleeve shirts with thermal shirts under them and trying not to look cold.

Probably I'll go crunching through leaves, maybe go to town and visit people. It really is a nice day outside.

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Purest Green said...

That is terrible - that you can't go to the doctor even though you really should. I'm stunned and slightly terrified. The US really does have the worst health care sysem, which I just don't understand. I do hope it's not pneumonia.