Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nice Day For A Funeral

No it wasn't dreary and rainy and miserable. Yesterday was really nice.

My friend Jeff's dad died this weekend and his funeral was yesterday. Mr. C. had a big family. Jeff was part of the "new family" as it was called. Mr. C was one of those men that had an affair when he got middle-aged, left the "old family" to start a "new family", but Mr. C was such a great guy that both families got along and became one great big family.

I guess family is the important word there. They're a family.

The funeral wasn't one of those dreary things with a bunch of sad songs, preachers trying to get their message across, everyone crying and being sad. Mr. C's funeral wasn't like that at all. No, his was about remembering who he was and sharing in his life. He really was a great guy who knew how to enjoy life. He was the kind of person that if you were having a bad day he'd spend about ten seconds letting you sulk then tell you to "suck it up and get over it." His funeral was about family getting up and telling stories about why they loved him, fun stories. If anybody was crying at the funeral, it's because we were laughing so hard.

The graveside was rather moving. A simple affair. He was military. Navy. And the two men in their blue uniforms waited, white hats and gloves. The immediate family took their seats and it was decided the oldest daughter would receive the flag. The current wife and the exwife didn't sit. Just the children. The bugler played Taps, then the flag was folded. It was quiet and there was just the wind and the leaves. Jeff's friends who are in the service were in uniform. Mr. C's friends who are retired military were all at attention and saluted.

And then it was over and we all started to scatter. Every little group walking away, laughing because we were talking about Mr. C. Elsewhere another group was having a funeral. No one there was laughing. Mostly tears. Guess they were focusing on the death and not celebrating the life.

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