Monday, November 17, 2008

So What Did I Do?

A little of everything. I goofed off a lot. I talked to people on PanHistoria and am thinking about making another character, but I don't know. I'm not familiar with the material and don't do non-original characters well. But I'm still considering it.

I slid down a hill, climbed halfway back up and lay down under a tree for awhile. Hey, if you can't enjoy being unemployed, you don't deserve to be a bum!

Out making my rounds I stopped into a place and was reading the paper. This man came and sat at his desk and said "Hello, Scarecrow. How are you? Where have you been? I haven't seen you in so long." I thought he was messing with me. I finally asked him exactly what did he do this weekend. I saw him just Friday when he came in with his lunch. He had meatloaf. Apparently he had a long boring weekend.

I visited two cats, Tom and Barnyard, who are very funny and if they are in the alley where they aren't supposed to be will act like they don't know me. But once we get to the back of the business where they live, they turn around and greet me.

I made some money helping a kitchen catch up on their prep because there's always someone who doesn't show up for work on Monday or shows up late and everything falls behind. Is it really Monday? Yes it is. The days got all out of order for awhile.

Came home, goofed off, did laundry, talked to fellow writers on Pan, and somewhere in there got the munchie and realized I did not have marshmallows to go with the brownies and mini peanutbutter cups. It was a travesty. And then my roommate tells me there is no more fruit salad. Oh god, no fruit salad! No. Am I the only one capable of chopping up fruit? So he had to go get marshmallows or I wouldn't make his fruit salad. Only wait, he didn't mean fruit salad, he meant waldorf salad.

People should be more specific. Even if they have burned one down. What if I hadn't caught myself in time? He could have had fruit salad instead of Waldorf salad tomorrow and he would have been very sad.

Obviously this is not the place to come when you are looking for brilliance or literary or anything earth shattering. I am just rambling tonight.

I am very tired and all I really want to do is put my head down and her hands on my head and see if she can make the pain go away. But she isn't here. So I keep distracting myself. I want to be very still and go to sleep. I have to keep moving.

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